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At Karma Coffee, we roast and sell only Canadian Certified Organic coffee. This certification is required before any coffee company in Canada can honestly say they are certified organic. Our organic certification begins with the farmers and carries throughout all aspects of distribution, roasting and retailing. At Karma Coffee not only are all the beans that we import Certified Organic at their source, they are handled in Certified Organic facilities along the way, from start to finish. In fact, our roasting facility in Coombs, BC is a Certified Organic Facility, audited every year to maintain that certification. As such EVERYTHING we do - including maintaining our equipment - is held to the very rigorous standards of the COABC. Not many coffee roasters can say that, but we HONESTLY can!

Organic certification is required before a coffee can be claimed to be 'organic' and this certification process begins with farmers and carries through all aspects of distribution, roasting and retailing. As of 2003, organic coffee represented 0.6% of coffee consumption in the major coffee consuming countries. There is much debate on whether organically raised coffees offer any great taste advantages although there is no doubt that there are many aromatic and flavorful blends to choose from in both categories. When it comes down to it, the essence of the' what and why' of organic coffee can best be summed up by this quote from a New York Times editorial "...buying organic, shade grown, bird friendly coffee is an everyday act of mindful consumerism that can actually make a difference for both biodiversity and poor peasant farmers..." (July 5, 1999 page A15) In an age when making a difference becomes increasingly important to many, choosing organic coffee becomes one way to turn a daily ritual into one with significant benefits for health, sustainability and meaning for all those who participate in the process from the earth to your cup.

'We Roast Vancouver Island's Best Coffee!'