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Your eyes are the windows to your soul where the accumulated Karma of your life's actions is on display for the world to see. We encourage you to participate in any way that you feel appropriate to assist those in need. We believe that the principles of Karma can have even greater impact when applied collectively.

Karma Coffee has supported many community endeavours and events over the years, as well as important global causes. It is our intention to continue enhancing our Karma and yours by participating through donations of our time, efforts, and resources to these worthy organizations and charities. Listed below are those we currently support. Details will be updated in our upcoming newsletter which you can subscribe to here on this site.


The Salvation Army

At Karma Coffee, we have the utmost respect for the work done by The Salvation Army. Of all the charities out there, they have the highest percentage of donations going directly to the people who need it most, and the lowest percentage going to administration. We know it's not necessary to tell you who The Salvation Army is or what they do, but without the dedication of their volunteers so many people would not have adequate food and shelter. Their food banks and soup kitchens feed thousands of people every day, and their shelters offer a safe warm place for the night to many. We encourage you do to do all you can to support them in their efforts; we do. We regularly donate coffee to both our local Salvation Army soup kitchen and the Food Bank.

AND every time you purchase a bag of delicious Karma Coffee, we make a financial donation to the Salvation Army branch in your community.

Go to www.thesalvationarmy.com to find out more ways that you can help.

Nepal Library Foundation

Our involvement with this project began many years ago and continues as part of our commitment to giving back as concerned global citizens.

NLF's underlying principle is that a nation's prosperity and well being is derived in part from the ability of its people to access knowledge available through the printed word. As a Canadian charitable organization, NLF has been set up to fulfill the following goals:

  • To support and strengthen public libraries in Nepal
  • To work towards the establishment of a national library system

If you would like to contribute to the foundation directly please contact naresh1@shaw.ca.

For more detailed information go to www.nepallibrary.com.


Child Haven

Child Haven has five homes in India, one in Nepal, one in Tibet and one in Bangladesh. Our homes accept children who are disabled, orphans, or from socially disadvantaged situations - and who are destitute, i.e. do not receive even one good meal a day.

Girls and boys are treated equally, and without regard to race, caste, colour, religion or culture. Living is simple and meals are vegetarian. We try not to Westernize the children, but rather attempt to raise them according to the highest ideals of their own cultures. We respect the heritage of each child, whether Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, secular or other. For further information or to contribute go to www.childhaven.ca.

"Let me light my lamp, says the star, and never debate if it will dispel the dark"
Rabindranath Tagore

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